Covid-19 Course Information

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What We Know

The Covid-19 Coronavirus spreads through droplets expelled from an infected person, and reaching the airways of another. Droplets spread through speaking, singing, coughing, sneezing and can remain in the air for a number of hours. The virus can survive on hard plastic and metal surfaces for up to 72 hours. Most alcohol or bleach disinfectants kill the virus. Reducing distance between people can dramatically lessen spread of the virus. As of July 2020 viruses are still being developed, and it is not known if previous exposure to the virus provides immunity, and even it does, it is not know how long this immunity lasts.

Our Training With Social Distancing

In order to comply with government guidelines, FAB Training are constantly adapting how we teach. Classes will be held with minimal contact, regular sterilizing, face guards and gloves where required. It is aimed that each participant will have their own manikin to work with and a full size manikin will be used to practice recovery position. If participants feel confident to perform the recovery position on each other, then it is possible to partner up.

Risk Assessment

It is expected that the organisation will risk assess the participants taking the training, and bring to the attention of the trainer any concerns they have around Covid-19, social distancing and let the trainer know if any of the group have any specific health concerns that might put them at greater risk.

For further information please click here to take you to the NHS website.

All student attending our courses will be required to sign this disclaimer.

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